AGENCY is a big, crossover fan-comic that I have been writing and illustrating since 2008. The story is set in a peaceful city called Talfryn, which suddenly becomes shaken by 3 simultaneous crimes-- a kidnapping, a massive theft, and a terrorist threat. The further these crimes are investigated, the more severe the situation gets for Detective Panther and those who are aiding him.

The entire cast is composed of many different animal characters whose series were significant in my growth as an artist and writer throughout the years.

This fun, little side project is still alive and kicking after 10 years due to multiple hiatuses (all involving important things like taking care of my mom during chemotherapy, getting married and settled, having a baby, etc.), but it is still something very close to my heart and incredibly fun to do! Check it out if you wish! [Rating T+ to Mature]

[Click here to read the fan-comic on "The Duck"]