Camila during the events of "Secret Sin"



The Original Character Tournament

About a decade ago, an Original Character Tournament was proposed that really caught my eye. A group of writers would world-build and moderate the tourney while artists could submit characters to participate in it. The concept was that a group of angels and fallen angels take a series of warriors to Purgatory and have them compete in duels to the death for the chance to have their greatest sin completely forgotten, as if it never happened.

Unfortunately, after several auditions were submitted, the tournament was cancelled and forgotten. But I didn't want to let this character go to waste.


The creation of Camila

The character I created for this tournament was Camila-- a kind, homeless woman with delusions of being a superhero. She either never talks or decides to speak with a flowery eloquence that is more suitable for a 1940's comic book character.

The angel that approached her actually meant to recruit a criminal that Camila had scared away, but after seeing the angel, Camila insisted to be taken along, believing that fate had brought her the opportunity to defeat sinners. However, the conditions of the tournament and its setting slowly allow her to realize that she doesn't have the cleanest soul as well. Eventually, she begins to truly fight for herself rather than just go after "evil-doers" in the name of justice.


Camila's relations

Camila has no one to call family. The homeless people she spends time around only tolerate her antics, but she either never seems to notice how much of a bother she is, or she just doesn't care.