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Offering concept art, portraits, landscapes, storybook illustrations, book covers, comic pages, storyboards, video game art...

* Media: digital painting (through Photoshop), pencil, ink, color pencils
* Canvas Sizes: 8.5”X11” or 9”X12” (for any other sizes, please discuss)
* Complex backgrounds charged $12/hr (Crowds of small people count as complex background).

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Traditional art

Pencil Sketch
Up to 2 Figures  -  $20-$80
+ Simple Background  -  $5

Shaded Pencil Drawing
Up to 2 Figures  -  $50-$120
+ Simple Background  -  $10

Up to 2 Figures  -  $75-$150
+ Simple Background  -  $15

Color Pencil
Up to 2 Figures  -  $80-$160
+ Simple Background  -  $15

Digital and comic pages

Digital Sketch (Line Art)
Up to 2 Figures  -  $35-$90
+ Simple Background  -  $20

Digital Painting
Up to 2 Figures  -  $60-$130
+ Simple Background  -  $20

Comic Pages (per page)
[Pricing coming soon]


- Policy -

  • Have a detailed description of your concept in the email. If possible, make sure to include visual references.

  • Payment: Orders less than $150 USD must be paid in full up front to start. For orders exceeding $150, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to start and the remaining 50% is paid upon the project's completion. 

  • Drafts: The client is allowed 1 free rough draft. Additional drafts will be charged $12/hr.

  • Edits: Once the rough draft is approved, the client is allowed 1 free minor edit (2 if digital). Any additional edits will be charged a rate of $12/hr. (Edits include change of face expression, pose, color, object position, composition, or attire). 

  • If an final piece is created by the artist but is later rejected by the client, any new images requested will be treated as a new order.

  • Available payment methods are money orders or payments via

  • These rates do not include shipping fees.  If applicable, you will be notified of shipping costs through correspondence. Fees will vary if the order is local or international.

  • Hardcopies of traditional works can be shipped or sent as a high resolution file e-mailed (JPEG, PDF, PSD, TIFF or PNG).

  • The artist retains the right to choose or refuse any order.

  • Upon completion of the order, the artist relinquishes creative rights of the final product to the client. This does not include any rejected concept material and drafts.

  • A 10% discount is given to teachers and first responders.

  • To place your order, e-mail me at